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  1. Huskiesh Laboratories is dedicated to high quality branded medicine for patients , to reach with our reaserch base FMCG products .We are also dedicated to inovative niche Exports globally.
  2. Huskiesh Laboratories was incorporated in the year 2010 based at city of joy kolkata and from there we started our journey .We are constantly focussing reaserch base product which can fulfill humans need .We are not only giving priority arban area but also prioritizing rural area .

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  1. A strong people-orientated culture and corporate philosophy  to create a performance-focused working environment. It is here that ownership and pride, with a focus on the customer, form an important part of our management approach.
  3. We demonstrate and maintain strength and leadership in relevant technology, cost-effective logistics and customer-orientated marketing.
  5. We proactively pursue and entrench strategic supplier and category manager status among the retail majors and global players.

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The Consumer care product portfolio includes a variety of non-prescription drugs and health care products, mainly sold through pharmacies and drugstores. The portfolio includes both HUSKIESH LABORATORIES   owned and in-licensed brands.